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The 2022-2023 Texas Undergraduate Law Journal

Our members are here to serve both you and the university. Engaging in legal research and discourse, we hope to help enrich students by furthering their legal interests and careers.

TULJ Editorial Board


Juliette is a Plan II and History Honors senior, with minors in Russian and East European Studies and English. Outside of TULJ, Juliette is an undergraduate research assistant for the Texas Policy Evaluation Project, a lab which investigates the impact of reproductive health legislation. Upon graduation, Juliette hopes to attend law school.

Juliette Draper


Jamie is a sophomore Plan II and mathematics major with minors in Philosophy and Latin from Dallas, Texas. In addition to ULJ, he is part of Student Government as a director of the Governmental Relations, a member of the Phi Chi Theta business fraternity, and he has worked for the Department of Justice and the UT Law School. He is interested in the law of technology, privacy, and surveillance.

Jamie Mahowald
Head Online Editor

Mantra is a Plan II, finance and geography junior with minors in history and sports analytics from Normal, Illinois. On campus, Mantra can most often be found in the Daily Texan basement, where he's the Associate Managing Editor. He is also involved with Texas Consulting, serves as a Plan II Peer Mentor and works as an undergraduate researcher looking at access to public records throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Mantra is the co-founder of Empowering Africa Inc., a nonprofit organization that creates scholarships for underprivileged students in West Africa. He is especially interested in immigration policy, international development, baking a lot, European soccer, and sports podcasts.

Mantra Dave
Head Print Editor


Emilea is a Journalism major with a minor in Business from Dallas, TX. She is currently studying for the LSAT, and hopes to attend law school in hopes of practicing corporate or real estate law.

Emilea McCutchan
Social Media and Website Chair


Emily Pierce is an English major from Aledo, Texas. She is in the Liberal Arts Honors Program and is also pursuing certificates in German and core texts and ideas. Outside of TULJ, she runs a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students on the Autism spectrum.

Emily Pierce
Managing Editor

Vedanth is a sophomore government major from Houston, Texas. Vedanth is interested in corporate law, criminal justice law, and constitutional law. Outside of TULJ, Vedanth is a research assistant for the Innovations for Peace and Development and is part of the Texas Legislative Internship Program. He hopes to attend law school following his graduation from UT Austin.

Vedanth Ramabhadran
Head Online Editor


Marlee is a Plan II Honors and Philosophy junior, pursuing minors in Philosophy of Law and History. On campus, Marlee works as the communications intern and newsletter editor for the Plan II office, and also serves as a social co-chair for the Always Texas spirit organization. Upon graduation, Marlee hopes to attend law school and integrate her interests in bioethics and science policy into her career.

Marlee Randel
Head Print Editor


Manasi Chande is a junior majoring in corporate communications and government from Austin, TX. In addition to working as a chief online content editor for TULJ, she is also currently a legal intern at the Equal Justice Center, a non-profit law-firm, a member of Minority Women Pursuing Law, and a dancer on the competitive fusion dance team Texas Nach Baliye. Manasi hope to attend law school and pursue a career in constitutional, privacy, or financial law.

Manasi Chande
Chief Online Content Editor


Alexander Tsioutsias is a junior from Dallas, TX, double-majoring in Government & Plan II Honors with a certificate in Security Studies and a minor in History. For the past year, he has served as an Associate Justice on the Student Government’s Supreme Court—overseeing student election and first-year representative disputes. Oftentimes, Alexander can be found bolting off to the next national security event on campus or digging through politics and technology papers for his next research project. Outside class, he enjoys watching UT sports, getting lost in the latest political controversy, and assembling Ikea products.

Alexander Tsioutsias
Podcast Manager

Sara is a biology and economics junior from Houston. She works on The Daily Texan and TAs for two economics courses. After graduation, she plans to attend law school, hoping to combine her passions for science and law.

Sara Doyle
Head Print Editor


Jackie Pillow is a second year student majoring in Canfield Business Honors and Management, with a minor in Law, Justice, and Society. Outside of class, Jackie is a member of Alpha Chi Omega where she is the Assistant VP of Risk Management. She is also on college team for Texas Younglife. Jackie spends most days on the 6th floor of McCombs in the Rosenbaum Center for Behavioral Business Studies where she is an Undergraduate Research Assistant. Upon graduation, Jackie plans to pursue a joint MBA and JD as she explores the intersection of Business and Law.

Jackie Pillow
Development and Social Chair

TULJ Staff Editors


Paras is a sophomore Government student pursuing a BDP certificate in Public Policy, and plans on double majoring in Economics. He is interested in international relations and financial law, as well as philosophy. In his free time, he enjoys reading and watching nature documentaries on Netflix. After graduating, Paras hopes to either attend law school or work in foreign service as a diplomat. His dream is to travel the world and backpack through Europe.

Paras Patel
Print Editor

DSC_2527 - Morgan Wray_edited_edited.jpg

Morgan is a senior Rhetoric and Writing major and Business and Public Policy minor from Waxahachie, Texas. She is passionate about gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the law. After her undergraduate education, Morgan plans to attend law school to pursue a career in corporate litigation. A fun fact about Morgan is created a spreadsheet of all of the Austin restaurants she's been to and wants to try. Ask her about it!

Morgan Wray
Print Editor


Shanzeh is a Plan II honors and Government major, with a minor in Korean. Asides from TULJ, she is active as the Development co-chair for the Liberal Arts Council (and is often found in their office), the marketing director for Texas ABSO, is a University-Wide International Fee Scholarship Committee Representative, as well as is part of the Senate of College Councils. She enjoys reading Korean webtoons and meeting friends on Speedway by coincidence. Shanzeh is curious to explore more of law and increase her legal knowledge of different law fields, especially in antitrust, labor, and healthcare law.

Shanzeh Mirza
Blog Editor

E1B006AD-9012-49D8-A6DB-E44A0E34F230 - Lindsay Tito.jpeg

Lindsay Tito is a third-year Philosophy and Psychology double major from Argyle, Texas. She plans to attend law school and study human rights law with a specialization in domestic violence legal advocacy.

Lindsay Tito
Blog Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 12.38.06 PM.png

Veronica is a freshman Philosophy major from Dallas with a minor in Law, Justice, and Society. She’s a member of the UT Fencing Team and spends her free time buying stationary, doing crossword puzzles, or thrifting. She plans to go to law school to pursue corporate or criminal law.

Veronica Martin
Print Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 12.49.42 PM.png

Neha is a first year Economics major from Dallas hoping to also pursue Environmental Science and International Relations. She is involved in Minority Women Pursuing Law and the Campus Environmental Center, where she volunteers and writes the newsletter for the Microfarm. After graduation she hopes to attend law school in hopes of exploring environmental law.

Neha Marneni
Print Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.10.56 PM.png

Alison is a business major from Houston, Texas. On Campus, Alison is involved with Texas Consulting and Texas Lassos. Off campus, Alison works at Blackburn Betts PLLC a criminal defense law firm in Austin. Upon graduation, Alison plans to attend law school and pursue a career in legal consulting.

Alison Zhang
Blog Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.19.20 PM.png

Zac is a first year student from Cypress, Texas pursuing a dual major in Government and Economics. She works as a writing consultant at the Universities Writing Center and is embarking on a journey in mock trial this semester. In his free time, he enjoys reading classic books and going home to see his dogs in family. Upon graduating, Zac plans to get some work experience then go to law school and eventually try to work in the US Intelligence Community.

Zackary Krause
Blog Editor


Sophia Niño is a sophomore from McAllen, TX majoring in Business Honors and Accounting with a minor in Spanish. Outside of TULJ, she is also an analyst for UT's Sustainability Investment Group and involved in Central Texas Model UN. She plans to attend law school after graduation and pursue a career in intellectual property and entertainment law.

Sophia Niño
Print Editor

09D7200F-070E-4714-8464-60BA689B71F4 - Mizla Shrestha.jpeg

Mizla is a second-year at UT double majoring in Economics and Finance with a certificate in Social Inequality, Health, and Policy as part of the Bridiging Disciplines Program. Outside of the Journal, Mizla is in the Community Engagement Collective (CEC), which hosts UT’s largest day of service. She is also a Senior Fellow leading a group of researchers with the Global Macro Team, an economics think tank on campus. From education to prisons to healthcare, Mizla has an interest in any kind of social policy reform and also international, immigration and civil rights law.

Mizla Shrestha
Print Editor


Kira is a freshman in Political Communications looking to expand into economics and philosophy as she prepares for law school. She can be found suffering in the Gregory Gym, doing free advertising for Trader Joe's, and scrolling through Atlantic articles in incognito tabs to bypass the paywall (you're welcome). She also loves theater and singing, and hopes to eventually combine her passion for law and Spanish by advocating for immigrants.

Kira Small
Blog Editor


Mihir is an unspecified business freshman. Mihir is also a member of the University Securities Investment Team and an opinion columnist for The Daily Texan. In his spare time, he enjoys drinking boba and exploring Austin's various food spots. After graduation, Mihir hopes to attend law school and achieve his aspirations of joining the corporate law sector.

Mihir Gokhale
Blog Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 12.41.44 PM.png

Charles is a Sophomore Plan II Honors, History, and Philosophy major with a minor in philosophy of law and a BDP in human rights from San Antonio, Texas. In addition to ULJ, he is a COLA representative in Student Government Assembly as well as a member of the Liberal Arts Council. Charles is interested in furthering their understanding of the American legal system and increase their legal knowledge on labor, anti-trust, and criminal law. They have plans to go to law school upon graduating where they hope to continue their current work towards prison abolition.

Charles Ozuna
Print Editor


I'm from Red Oak, Texas, Majoring in Sociology and Minoring in Philosophy of Law. I am interested in pursuing Intellectual Property in Fashion Law. I love to talk, stay active, and indulge in a good meal with friends.

Devin Calhoun
Print Editor


Nicholas is a student at UT Austin and is a Blog Editor for TULJ.

Nicholas Tapia
Blog Editor


Aarati is a Neuroscience and English double major. She is also a Health Science Scholar and is currently doing research on the mental health effects of US immigration policy on asylum-seeking adolescents. Upon graduation, Aarati hopes to attend law school and work toward becoming an immigration lawyer.

Aarati Parajulee
Blog Editor


Riya is a Plan II and MIS major. She is on UT Saaya, a south asian fusion dance team on campus, and is an undergraduate researcher for the Digital Writing and Research Lab, where she is currently computationally evaluating professional validity on Twitter for medical professions. Upon graduation, Riya hopes to go into Product Management, and potentially go to law school and work towards being a privacy and technology lawyer.

Riya Cyriac
Blog Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 12.46.43 PM.png

Joshua is a second year student pursuing a major in International Relations, with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Italian. Outside of TULJ, Joshua is an Austin native who enjoys nature and languages. He is a member of the Pease Park Corps, an Ambassador of the Department of French and Italian, and an officer of the Tavola Italian Club.

Joshua Ecton
Print Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.07.24 PM.png

Anya Bourenin is a junior with a double major in Spanish and International Relations and Global Studies. She is interested in immigration law, and she plans to attend law school upon graduating from UT Austin.

Anya Bourenin
Print Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.02.06 PM.png

Bella is a Sophomore studying Public Health with a minor in Government from Missouri City, Texas (fake Houston). Outside of TULJ, she works as a Student Associate at the McCombs IT Service Desk and is a member of Texas Spirits. In her free time she enjoys over analyzing song lyrics, spending time with friends over coffee or card games, and cycling. Bella hopes to attend law school upon graduation, with an interest in medical law or health law.

Bella Tran
Blog Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 12.56.45 PM.png

Sonali is a Government and Race, Indigeneity, and Migration freshman from Los Gatos, California. Outside of TULJ, she is a member of Minority Women Pursuing Law and Liberal Arts Council. Sonali writes for the Chapman University Undergraduate Law Journal and works as a Senior Columnist on the Daily Texan. In her free time, you can catch Sonali watching the newest John Oliver episode or hanging out with friends. She plans to attend law school after graduation.

Sonali Muthukrishnan
Blog Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.14.29 PM.png

Nikita is a freshman Finance and History double major, originally from Dallas, who is also completing a certificate in Core Texts and Ideas as a Jefferson Scholar. On campus, she is is heavily involved with the Sustainability Investment Group, Asian Business Students Association, The Daily Texan, and an improvisational theatre project. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in finance and ESG, helping industries genuinely address and analyze issues of sustainability. In her free time, she enjoys playing trivia, reading anything she can get her hands on, cooking mediocre meals, and writing film reviews.

Nikita Nair
Blog Editor

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 1.21.58 PM.png

Ruth is a sophomore Chemical Engineering major with a computer science certificate from College Station, TX. Outside of TULJ, she is involved with Omega Chi Epsilon and the Engineering Chamber Orchestra. She is also an undergraduate research assistant in a laboratory specializing in batteries.

Ruth Yao
Blog Editor


Julia is a member of TULJ and a student at UT Austin.

Julia Ruiz
Print Editor

TULJ Staff Writers

4599B931-EB2D-4795-9761-059D4DF5D2FA - Alexis K Stonestreet.jpeg

Alexis is a Government and Rhetoric junior with a minor in Philosophy of Law and a certificate in Business Spanish. Alexis spends most of her free time going around Austin trying new foods or exploring nature. Upon graduation, Alexis hopes to attend law school and become a family lawyer.

Alexis Stonestreet
6F3756EF-0B90-44FB-B92E-4385CC1AE426 - Hanna K Guidry.jpeg

Hanna is a Junior Government and Sustainability Studies double major with a minor in Communication Studies. She is a member of the Spring 2023 cohort of the Archer Fellowship in Washington, D.C. Hanna is pre-law and has a strong interest in Constitutional issues, entertainment law, and corporate sustainability/ESG. She hopes to become an ESG attorney in the future and help corporations achieve a more sustainable future!

Hanna Guidry

Eunice Bao - Eunice Bao.png

Eunice is a Plan II and Economics senior, with a certificate in Creative Writing. She likes telling stories about culture, people, and policy. Outside of TULJ, her work has appeared in Spark Magazine and Future Front Texas. She has also dabbled in pro bono employment law at the Equal Justice Center and digital strategy at Michael Kors. Upon graduation, Eunice will work at a DC-based public policy consulting firm before attending law school. You can learn more about her projects at

Eunice Bao


Ariadne is a English major and Spanish minor; on campus, Ariadne is also part of Minority Women Pursuing Law, and she is passionate about analyzing literature and film. She is an associate editor for the official publication of the College of Liberal Arts, and spends her free time playing with Maia, her pitbull, and working in her internship helping graduate research. Ariadne hopes to attend law school and grad school.

Ariadne Chaves

18. CastanedaZuniga.Alejandro_edited.jpg

Alejandro Castañeda is a fourth-year Government and International Relations student from Pflugerville, Texas. His interests include court reform, elections, and immigration. He plans to attend law school after graduating and pursue civil rights law. He is also a writer and editor for the Texas Orator. In his spare time, he is listening to podcasts, reading books, or shopping.

Alejandro Castañeda


Faith is an International Relations and Global Studies - International Security junior, with a minor in Business. On campus, Faith is an active member of Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Council and the Association of Latino Professionals for America. She also developed a telemedicine hotline through MOVE Texas during the 2020 election in order to more easily facilitate emergency ballots during the pandemic. She currently serves as a the head legal assistant at Blackburn Betts P.L.L.C and volunteers as a translator at the Austin Community Law Center in her free time. Upon graduation, Faith hopes to attend law school and work towards her dream of becoming an immigration attorney.

Faith Chavez

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 2.13.01 PM.png

Dylan McCarthy is a junior pursuing a dual degree in government and political communication with a minor in business and public policy. He is a Bill Archer Fellow and Distinguished College Scholar. In the fall of 2022, he interned for U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN) in Washington, D.C. Prior to his time on Capitol Hill, McCarthy worked for Texas Senator Sarah Eckhardt (SD-14). He is passionate about mental health advocacy and strives to facilitate positive change. After graduation, McCarthy plans to attend law school and pursue a career in public interest law or public policy.

Dylan McCarthy
Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 2.14.28 PM.png

Jack is a junior Government and History double major with a minor in French and a certificate in core texts and ideas. As a clerk for the Student Government Supreme Court and a member of the Undergraduate Moot Court team, Jack is exceedingly passionate about U.S. constitutional law. Upon graduation, Jack wishes to attend law school and pursue a career in international business law. Outside of class, Jack enjoys watching hockey (Allons-y les Habs!) and following Francosphere politics.

Jack Ripley


Roohie is a second year at UT, double majoring in Government and Economics. In her free time, Roohie likes to cook and knit. Currently, she is a paralegal specializing in mass torts. Upon graduation, Roohie plans to attend law school and work towards becoming a public defender.

Roohie Sheikh


Tommy is a Plan II and Aerospace Engineering freshman. His interests lie in youth civic engagement, political advocacy, and journalism. On campus, he is a member on the Texas Mock Trial, a columnist at the Daily Texan, the Longhorn Pep Band, and the Texas Rocketry Lab. He is an intern at the Texas House of Representatives, where his focus is on infrastructure, transportation, and housing research. Upon graduation, Tommy hopes to attend public oolicy and law school, to eventually work for the government.

Tommy Wan


Jerold is a Government, Sociology, and International Relations and Global Studies triple major. Jerold is a University-Wide Representative in the Student Government Assembly and is currently interning for the Texas Caucus on Climate, Environment, and Energy Industry at the Texas Capitol. He will be studying in Washington D.C. next semester through the Archer Fellowship Program where he will increase his understanding of the federal legislative process. Upon graduation, Jerold would like to attend law school.

Jerold Holman


Andrew is a senior Biochemistry major with a minor in Asian American Studies and a certificate in Creative Writing. His legal interests are in civil rights, constitutional, and health law, especially in the intersectional mechanisms by which gender, race, and socioeconomic identities interact with and affect our legal system.

Andrew Liquigan


Kennedy is a sophomore Canfield Business Honors and Finance major, with minors in Government and Law, Justice, and Society. She is also involved in Texas Delta Gamma, Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute's Philanthropy Committee, and Women in Business Mentorship Program. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend law school and is currently most interested in business law, civil rights law, and family law. In her free time, Kennedy enjoys volunteering in her community and playing tennis.

Kennedy Kibler

PROFILEPIC_CROPPED - Colin Crawford.png

I am a junior government and history major with a business minor in the Liberal Arts Honors Program. Outside of TULJ, I volunteer at Zavala Elementary School and conduct research for a fellowship on campus. I plan to go to law school following graduation and would like to pursue corporate law. My hobbies include thrifting and watching college football.

Colin Crawford

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 2.13.29 PM.png

Jia is a freshman Neuroscience major with a minor in Government. She loves exploring the downtown Austin area and traveling all over the world. After graduation, Jia plans to attend law school and and become an intellectual property lawyer.

Jia Lin

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 2.14.54 PM.png

Natalie is a freshman Plan II and English major with a minor in Law, Justice, and Society. She is interested in criminal justice reform specifically in relation to capital punishment and plans to attend law school upon graduating.

Natalie Rozmus


Esha Ali is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, double majoring in Sociology and History with a Bridging Disciplines Certificate in Human Rights and Social Justice. She plans to go to law school after undergrad and begin her studies in international human rights law. She is active on campus as the Communications Co-Director of IAS and is a member of Texas MSA/Nueces Mosque. She is currently working part-time as the Communications Coordinator for the Humanities Institute (under the College of Liberal Arts). When Esha is not working or studying, she spends her time reading, buying books (there is no such thing as buying too many books!), drinking a dangerous amount of coffee and tea, binging The Walking Dead on Netflix, and hanging out with her birds.

Esha Ali


Andrew is a senior Biochemistry major with a minor in Asian American Studies and a certificate in Creative Writing. His legal interests are in civil rights, constitutional, and health law, especially in the intersectional mechanisms by which gender, race, and socioeconomic identities interact with and affect our legal system.

Andrew Zhebrak


Milan is a student at UT Austin and is a writer for TULJ.

Milan Narayan


Braxdon is a junior studying Mathematics and Sutainability Studies. On campus, Braxdon serves as a University-Wide Representative in Student Government, as well as serves as the Treasurer of the Texas Speech Team. He is the student representative for the President's Sustainability Steering Committee in addition to the Green Fund Committee. Outside of the 40 Acres, Braxdon is employeed as a Legislative Assistant for Texas State Representative Ann Johnson. After graduaition, Braxdon hopes to attend law school and work towards a career in constitutional law!

Braxdon Cannon


Veronica is an English and Mexican American studies senior with a BDP Certificate in Ethics and Leadership in Law, Politics, and Government. When Veronica isn't writing for TULJ, she serves as Secretary of Minority Women Pursuing Law. Off campus, she's a Legal Intern for the Equal Justice Center where she works in the Worker's Rights division. After graduating, Veronica hopes to obtain her master's degree in either public policy or public affairs and eventually go to law school. Veronica plans to become a civil rights attorney and eventually a politician.

Veronica Alcantar


Anna is a sophomore government major with a minor in business and public policy. Outside of TULJ, Anna is a J.J. Pickle Undergraduate Research Fellow where she is researching the Americans with Disabilities Act and how party majorities in congress have affected its evolution. Upon graduation, Anna hopes to attend law school and currently is most interested in business and international law.

Anna Port

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 2.14.11 PM.png

Tanya Dhingra is a Sophomore CBHP + MIS major, with minors in Finance and Law, Justice, and Society, and certificates in Business Spanish and Statistical Modeling. She is involved in Tech Consulting Group, Kappa Theta Pi (a Technology Fraternity) as VP of Finance, Convergent as a Product Lead, and Texas Lonestars. Her interests lie in technology and the juvenile justice system. After college, she hopes to work for a few years within Tech Consulting or as a PM at a tech firm, then either pursue a JD + MBA, or go to law school.

Tanya Dhingra


Diego is a member of TULJ and a student at UT Austin.

Diego Lopez

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